Gigi Scaria


The Wall

The wall is a separation, a divider of territory.It discriminates the space. It builds structures. It insists/imposes people to act inside. The wall is human creation. Therefore you cannot directly link it to the organic nature of existence. It also deals with a physical protection. It is meant to protect us from the outside world. Is it possible to add a philosophical dimension to this “completely” human creation? Is it possible for us to assume a place without walls? Wall is another way one of the basic elements for the shelter. A shelter contains a group of walls with different size and dimensions. In order to understand the wall as a physical entity we must get an idea of what a “shelter” is.If the shelter is a group of walls, separating as from the rest of the world, each wall would be a part of the shelter in general. Then we must accept the fact that the wall has a reciprocal relationship with shelter. The wall posses its identity, without being inviting anybody to pass through it. Whereas shelter gives space for beautifully decorated, delicately designed and powerfully constructed doors on its walls. When it has two-way entry we call it home. When it is limited to a one way entry we call it a “prison”. When we take the doors from it, it changes its character and turned to become its “other self” the wall. Therefore we can identify a wall as the “other self” of the shelter. It is very important to understand that the self cannot exist without its other self, therefore a shelter, without its walls. When we accept the wall as a human creation and compare it with the shelter we should also be aware of the possible transformation of the idea the wall can incorporate in its physical body. So that it can create a balance between its counter part the shelter.

My project is based on the possible transformation one wall can have when it interacts with the outside world. Walls always block your vision. A transparency in terms of its physical entity could break through the territory. The wall generally has two possible diementions.One is from the point of view of the territory it protects, the other is the territory it defends. There is a space in between the defensive and protected territory which is the physical space of the wall. Is it possible to interact inside wall without being part of these two territories? That means is it possible to live inside the wall space and being a mediator of the both teritorries? Is it possible that a wall could breathe through its lungs?

Biealla, Italy 2002